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Plier Clean And Disinfect Before And After Use To Prevent Bacterial Adhesion
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Operation of Plier

(1) The method of using Plier

International standards for the implementation of the common left hand forceps, right hand to get strong curved Plier. Some people are used to hand-handedness. But Plier no matter which hand to take, all is with the thumb and middle finger to hold, the index finger assists to use. The force of the finger is the beauty industry commonly known as "Yin Force", rather than try, so take is to avoid too much force, can easily grafting, not too much effort and excessive and error.

The method of Plier is the most important point in the safe grafting, so we should always confirm that there is no bad habit.

(2) The hair: separate and comb one root of eyelashes

An eyelash with a long eyelash on it, in order not to glue the eyelashes next door together. Straight Plier probe into the eyelash near the root position, the separate Plier legs will show an eyelash, which clearly separates an eyelash. At the same time, the strong bending Plier can also be used as auxiliary to push through the cascade of eyelashes.

(3) The correct extraction of hairs

The usual hand-held strong-curved Plier, and the hair lashes row almost vertical angle, with Plier clamped in the middle of the long eyelashes slightly on the part of the oblique upward (their own direction) directly to add long eyelashes, do not follow the increase in the reverse direction of the eyelashes to pull hair, this will cause longer lashes deformation or bending.

(4) Adhesion

After the strong curved Plier takes the hair, the long eyelashes must be placed in the true eyelashes near the root distance.

1mm position adhesion, to ensure that no contact with the customer's skin, before the completion of adhesion please slip a few, to even adhesion, this effect more lasting.

Each Plier should be cleaned and disinfected before and after use to prevent bacterial adhesion.

* Plier do not face vertically, from the forehead toward the tip of the eyelash into, separate. Avoid Plier touching the skin and eyes.

Plier a wide range of shapes, according to the length can be divided into 15cm and 12cm specifications, and according to the head of Plier can be divided into straight shank and crank two kinds; in the straight shank Plier, each kind of specification, the shape also corresponds the flat pointed, the flat head Plier and the oblate head three kinds of models